Peformance Friction Brake Pads - Ducati

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Manufacturer: Performance Friction
£99.99 inc VAT
£89.99 inc VAT

Price displayed is for a full front set.

PFC pads have excellent and consistent release control from the first stop to the last. More brake bite with more control and quicker transition times. Race Ready heat treatment provides immediate stopping power with limited bed-in procedure High-temperature strength Carbon Metallic ® friction is more resistant to pad wear at high operating temperatures. Ionic Fusion process bonds the friction to the backing plate with the highest shear strength in the industry. Patented Powder Coating eliminates corrosion and ensures smooth faultless operation of the brake system.


  • Immediate stopping power with quick bed-in procedure
  • Carbon metallic ultra-resistant to pad wear.
  • Powder coating ensuring smooth braking operation.