HM Quickshifter Plus - Yamaha

Delivery date: 3-5 working days
Manufacturer: HM Racing
£408.50 inc VAT
£399.99 inc VAT

The HM quickshifter gives you smooth and positive gear changes. A must for the racer giving you a couple of seconds a lap or for the road rider just great fun on your favourite piece of road. The HM Range is designed to simply be plug and play.

Each HM Product is designed to be simple to install, so there is no need for costly fitment or dyno setup time. If you are confident in changing your spark plugs then you can fit a HM Quickshifter Plus. It is possible to adjust settings for either road or race shift. You can also adjust the sensitivity for cut and duration of cut.


• Plug and Play
• No moving parts
• Small LCD Display
• No tuning needed
• Programmable Kill Time and Sensitivity
• Programmable Shift Direction